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Mystic Chest Locations

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Mystic Chest Locations Empty Mystic Chest Locations

Post by Neliel on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:58 pm

First of all "Mystic Treasure" is a quest that can be taken at each town's Metaphysician starting at lvl 30 map (Skysong). You have to pay a certain amount of gold to take this quest.
The quest will start where you have to kill a certain amount of monsters. After that, submit your finished quest back to the Metaphysician, you will gain a decent amount of exp, and will acquire an item that can be used to activate opening chest quests. You rightclick the item and then open your quest tab and read the name of the quest added to your list to know what chest you need to go to.
I cannot say that all these are aqquret since obviously I haven't been to all these chests so let me know if need to make repairs somewhere.

Skysong chests:
Metal Flare Chest -283 141
Wood Flare Chest -183 177
Earth Flare Chest 31 21
Fire Flare Chest 193 -108
Lotus Flare Chest 224 -231
Chraomatic Chest -143 396

Billows Chests:
Water Flare Chest 351 230
Wind Chest 347 104
Rain Chest 258 -69
Mind Core Chest 81 -260
Shadow Chest -98 -321

Doom Bog chests:
Cloudfall Chest -98 320
Stealth Dragon Chest 238 77
Cloaked Dragon Chest 188 -61
Sunken Dragon Chest -171 -139
Hidden Dragon Chest -148 -256

Wildlands chests:
Drakefang Chest -151 -318
Sundown Chest -118 -107
Morning Star Chest -43 -213
Desert Chest -189 61
Illusion Chest -56 256

Insence Valley chests:
Afterglow Chest 11 306
Daybreak Chest 235 34
Genesis Chest 205 -260
Violet Mist Chest 3 -298
Verdant Vine Chest -307 -71

Southern Border chests:
Kian Wizard 183 241
Jeh Wizard 259 164
Loh Wizard -233 -104
Gian Wizard64 -168
Herb Spirit Chest-372, 23
Dawnmist Chest -324, 302

Kun Lun chests:
Vacuity Chest -373 282
Reality Chest 18 379
Clarity Chest -172 62
Ocean Spirit Chest 31 -321
Radiance Chest 384 -86

Shura seals:
Seal of Earthquake -346 -145
Seal of Glacier 339 -107
Seal of Inferno 116 -216
Seal of Lightning -61 -194
Seal of Justice 113 82

Mystic Chest Locations AsylumNelielSig
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