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Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide

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Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Empty Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide

Post by Neppy on Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:33 pm

Hihi guys and gals!

It\'s time for Neppy to contribute by writing a small guide, so here goes nothing ^^
Please fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats and helmets, it will be a bumpy ride.

Neppy proudly presents:

Treasure chest quest a.k.a Gilhook hunt guide!!!

First of all, to obtain this quest you must be at least lvl 30. The Metaphysician in each town gives you the quest for a small fee. (10s in Skysong, 30s in Billows, 50s in Doom Bog, 70s in Wildlands etc.)
For some it might seem odd to pay for this quest but trust me, it's well worth every silver!

The first task is to kill a certain amount of mobs your lvl. (30 in Skysong, the number goes up on some maps but not past 60 mobs) This is very easy, especially if you are lucky enough to have a friend with you it should only take some minutes.

When you have all the kills, run back to the Metaphysician and turn in the quest, he will give you a treasure charm and some exp. Right click on it to recieve a new task of finding a certain chest located somewhere on the map, the quest log will tell you which part of the map to look in. (The chest looks like a small red box on the ground, left click it to open it.)

However, if you are looking to make some nice profit and/or hunt Gilhooks, best is to retake the quest and repeat it until the charms fill your inventory, only leaving 2-3 free slots. When you have enough charms, right click on them to open as many as you can (There are 4 different \"normal\" and one \"special\" chest scattered around the map) and off you go looking for them Smile
After you open each chest, go through the charms you have left and right click on each of them to see which ones open.

Mostly you get some nice treasures from the chest but sometimes you only get a little xp and green world message pops up saying that you released a Gilhook. This is when you go and hunt! With each release message 4 Gilhooks spawn around the map. They look like big blue shark thingies with feet.
Everyone loves to kill them for the great exp they give and loot so better be quick!
(You most likely will get ksed at some point doing this, try to keep calm and remember the game is for fun ^^)

The Deathmark Gilhooks look tough but infact they only do around as much damage on you as the lowest lvl normal mobs on the map, but ofcourse have a lot more hp.
However, sometimes instead of spawning a Deathmark Gilhook you might release the Gilhook of Antiquity. Only one of them spawns on each map and it is much harder to kill, lots of hp and high dmg. Be careful with it, it looks exactly the same as Deathmark, only the name is different.
All the Gilhooks give a nice amount of exp and drop lots of provisions...and the mighty Bead! (Spiritie bead, Steeling bead or a Fortifying bead. Only in maps from Skysong to Wildlands!)
The bead itself sells easily for 1g 50s to players, or if you choose, you can mail it to Montyg so he can use it for raising our Alliance power. (The more power, the higher exp from Alliance quests, yay!)

All this may sound like a lot of trouble but infact it can be lots of fun with friends and great rewards.
By doing this with 1 or more friends, a lvl 30+ can easily make 100g in treasures and beads within just 3-6 hours.


The best times and places for Gilhook hunt are from morning to early afternoon and night in game time and Trading realm (Or Pvp realm if you dare, but spawning lots of Gilhooks there may attract pkers so better not go alone!)

Click here to go to a Gilhook topic on JD forums, some maps and spawn locations included!

Here are some of the things you might get from the chests:

Treasure Bowl - quite common, sells for 3g+
Treasure Urn - a bit less common, sells for 7g+
Best Dragon Skin - common from the special chest, sells for 3g-(5g?)
Kylin Orb - rare, sells for 25g+
Arcane Coin - quite common, sells for around 3g
Honor Gem - super rare, sells for 8g
Dragonsoul shard - super rare
Esper tome/accessory - common from the special chest
Wongzo Grape - pretty common too, sells for 6-8g
5x Talisman of craft - uncommon, not sure about price..maybe 1g each?
10x Refinery Talisman - Eww no one wanty these! common
1x Refinery Talisman - I mean...come on! common
1g- not bad in low lvl maps, common
2g - Even better Smile, a little less common
5g - Wooties Razz, rare

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Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Empty Re: Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide

Post by Sethmor on Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:36 pm

Hehe awesome guide and nice personal touch to it *2 thumbs up* (points at Monty please add that smiley if you can Razz )

Hope it encourages the alliance members to join and hunt these treasures Smile

Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Pbucket
Thanks goes to Neppy for the signature image Smile

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Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Empty Re: Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide

Post by Montyg on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:56 pm

Awsome Guide even taught me things i never knew =)

10 points to you for this and will fit in nicely with the event i will post momentarily *wink*

good job neppy thankies =)

Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Monty3

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Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide Empty Re: Treasure chest/Gilhook hunt guide

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