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For ram eating help.

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For ram eating help. Empty For ram eating help.

Post by Neliel on Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:59 pm

Ive heard that many of you have clients that eats incredible alot of ram usage in processors.

i did the same. my clients ate over 5 mil K in processors and after i used this program Memturbo4 they are all around 150k til max 200k if during viles.
with this program you can scrub your RAM and fragment it to get more avalible RAM back into the pc usage.
so if you guys wanna try it out here is a link. workx exelent for me.
and tell me if the link doesnt work im new at uploading things xD

tinyurl worked XD so have a try. its a good program =P

For ram eating help. AsylumNelielSig
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