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Kunlun gate

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Kunlun gate Empty Kunlun gate

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:28 am

Some screens after u open first gate

Kunlun gate 2ceq3qx

Kunlun gate Alsrnk

Kunlun gate 1p8gh3

Quest u take from gate.
to open first gate u need:
5 white 5 black jade chesman
or 10 white 5 black jade chesman
or 5white 10 black jade chesman

White jade chesman u get from npc those with pillars, controller fo north? smth like that
and u need 6 monsters

black jade chesman u get from npc close that with whites
and u need collect from last mobs in kunlun wonderland 20 ofchessman

quests u can do probably after lvl 133 -.-? or maybe only get quest from gate in r9( dont know)
btw quest from those npcs playing chess, u can get like every 1h 30 min or dunno its ....

there u have gate of kunlun which when u open u go to teleport which move u up to that island.
need 20 sacred heaven books.

Drop from Protectors of Dawn, which i found 4 spawn places. maybe i update with cords later.

Ech only what quest have switch ;p?

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