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Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing

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Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Empty Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing

Post by Eire on Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:24 pm

ok my turn to add a small guide o.o
this guide follows the player taking " Free Lunch " quest from Pet Tamer Totto in Sunstream City. so heres a step by step to releasing your pet for benifits for those who may be confused =)

Ok first things first, Your Free Lunch Pet must be lvl 30 at least to be released for a reward :
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide3

So when your Wolf Or Toad hits lvl 30 take him to Totto, Make Sure he is in your bag ( "P" menu > select Pet > remove ) then talk to Totto, the option you need is pretty clear but here it is anyways Razz
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide1

Now the "Release Pet" window should come up, to put your pet in the slot, either right click from your bag or drag and drop him into the space,
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide2

Next select "Done" and the following Message should apear :
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide4

Select "yes" to release your pet. It will have a small loading bar along your screen then complete.
If you look in your Chat Log you should see a message similar to this :
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide5

and the item will be in your bag so make sure you have a bag slot free for it
Free Lunch ~ Guide to Releasing Guide6

These Items ( Pet Jades ) you use to upgrade the stats of your pet at Pet Tamer Ellan.
NOTE : the pet jades do NOT work on Free Lunch Pets, only on bought Pets or your original woody pig/dryadling. It also only works if your pet is Grade 8 or below.

Hope this is of some use o.o

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