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Asylum's Rules

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Asylum's Rules Empty Asylum's Rules

Post by Neliel on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:06 pm

Asylum Rules
* show respect towards people inside so aswell as outside Asylum. since pissing people off and show no respect gives the allie a bad reputation and not you alone wich i DO NOT allow. And in Asylum we are like a family. Sure we fight sometimes but no need to show disrespect towards eachother.

*Dont use caps nor spam allie chat with example smileys. The caps is in many cases considered as yelling and rude. the smiley spam is just a lagg-trap and majorly annoying for those who dont have a master PC.

*Sarge/Captain/Warlord. DO NOT recruit people with a bad reputation. Doing so often makes the allies reputation go down since people will belive we allow bad ppl to be here. Known scammers or troublemakers are NOT welcome into Asylum.

* Leaving the allie without a note or explanation to Sarge, Captain or Marshal means that you will not be welcomed back unless we get a reason for your first leave.

* Wars/PvP.
Wars. is organized by Warlord/Captain or Marshal ONLY. to avoid misunderstandings and to get the wars as fair as possible. Also know that Warlord/Captain/Marshal cant always be at the PC to fix a war. Specialy not on the early hours in server times thou we have work/school to be at.
PvP. Go to PvP realms to kill afk grinders is NOT ALLOWED. it for
1. Destroys the allie reputation so aswell as your own.
2. Cmon show some manners and dont be pathetic.
I do not like PM's about my members killing afk grinders. Those who continue doing so will get a warning and in long term will be kicked. Exception for doing so needs a KoS (Kill on Sight) wich need to be given to ME before starting to kill the person. And for putting someone on KoS you need a good reason. So that they are annoying to you is NOT a reason.
PvP announced events from W.C is all allowed. But Afk-grinder killing is NOT.

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Asylum's Rules Empty Re: Asylum's Rules

Post by Conzi on Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:36 pm

Nice set of rules and good job. I really hope everyone follows them.Smile

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