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Master and Disciple

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Master and Disciple Empty Master and Disciple

Post by Neliel on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:58 pm

Originaly made from Andyjash - Shura server

Part I.
In this first part of the quest there are 3 possible places in which you
must guide and protect your disciple.
When your disciple has obtained the quest item he/she must return to Tao
in Sunstream.

Glacial Lotus - Jadeon - Mount Yonder (216,446)
Waterchange Orb - Jadeon - Lake Hoten (87,-225)
Fireproof Orb - Jadeon - Temple of Zaaras (-447,-442)

Part II.
In this second part of the quest you must defeat a powerful elite mob so
that your disciple may obtain the Sword Tome.
When your disciple has obtained the quest item he/she must return to
Tao in Sunstream.

Don't forget your potions.

Chao The Thief - Jadeon - Abysal Lands (-408,-36)

Part III.
In this third section of the quest you must protect your disciple whilst
they seek to obtain the Mystic Grass
guarded by Olden Serpentslave.

Mystic Grass - Jadeon - Peak of Widows
(334, 228)

Part IV.
In this final section of the quest you must again kill another powerful
elite mob.
Again. Don't forget your potions.

Wannox Shao - Incense Valley - Scattered Shadows (-262, 349)

Reward Master - 10 Tai Chi pills + 50 expertise.
Reward Disciple - 70 Tai Chi pills + 50 Violetta Stones.

Master and Disciple AsylumNelielSig
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