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Tier 5 Quest

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Tier 5 Quest Empty Tier 5 Quest

Post by Neliel on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:55 pm

Originaly made of Pepper- Billows server.

Congratulations for making it to 135! Wooot!

Tier 5 Tips/Guide

1st Quest: Swift As Wind

I suggest you go to the following locations that I have listed below and make teleports Prior to obtaining the
quest, as you will only have 10 minutes to complete the 6 tasks. Otherwise you WILL FAIL and will have to wait
until following day to attempt the process again.

1. Brishen: 143, -432 (kunlun)

2. Mufi: 274, 163 (kunlun)

3. General Camlo: 107, 399 (kunlun)

4. Lord Lushen: 419, -198 (Shura)

5-6 you do not need teleport to get to these as they are close and you
will have plenty of time left to complete.

2nd Quest: Bamboo - in Jadeon, you will have to collect drops from
these. Not sure how many each person has to collect. It might be random.
I had to collect 49. It took a while, but with help from XunChi I am sure it took a lot less time. Recruit some help.

3rd Quest: Levitating Traveler: Coordinates Are: -377, 137 (Kunlun)
There is a 15 minute time limit to get to and kill this boss. Its not gonna happen in the allotted time given. SOOOOOOOOO,
Recruit a team consisting of lvl 120+ to help you... DO NOT PICK UP THE
QUEST until the boss is down to about 8%. I suggest making teleport to
elder outside sunstream and one for the boss location.

Boss down to 8% tele to Elder
Grab quest
Tele to boss
Complete the kill.

4th Quest. Okay... THIS IS IT! This is the one that you are going to
DIE AND DIE AND DIE AGAIN unless you follow the instructions
Precisely! Fortunately this part of the quest is repeatable until you
complete it. But Lets hope you get it the first time. *wink*.
Oh yea, don't have puppets in your inventory when doing this part of
the quest. If you die you do not lose exp. so the puppets will be a

Have at least 300-500 GOOD hp pots.

Before accepting the quest from the elder, have your LVL 1 Pet Summoned.

Elder will tele you to boss room. DO NOT have esper on. DO NOT ATTACK the boss. PUMP THE HP POTS!

Order your LVL 1 Pet to atk. This will keep the boss OFF of YOU.


If you do it like I say, The only hp you will lose is from the aoe
bleed (which is still massive), and not actual physical attack from the
boss itself.

One more Hint, Thank XunChi for this: Take off ALL of your equipment,
Weapon too. (Remember, you will not be attacking the boss yourself). I
know this sounds really absurd! I was like WTH?. Well it is a AOE
Bleed.. The more HP you have the worse the bleed will be. And you def
of gear is not going to help you. So by having your Gears on, you will
actually take more damage than with them off.

Thanks to Solar too for the help and info as well!

Hope this little bit of info helps all of you. Good Luck My Friends!



This is the hardest quest in game and i will have to make it in 1-2 days...
so yea lol hide me x.x

OK it is the hardest quest in game. sucks in all limits lol. reminds me of eudemons whent it comes to the 4th chapter of the quest since the hp spamming is just the same but from bleed instead of thunders.

Tier 5 Quest AsylumNelielSig
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