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Ascention Quest

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Ascention Quest Empty Ascention Quest

Post by Neliel on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:54 pm

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Once a character reaches Tier 5, they gain the ability to Ascend. While it is possible to Ascend immediately at level 135, a character will have higher ascended stats if they wait to ascend until they are level 150. A character can only ascend once, so it is in their best interest to wait as long as possible before doing so.

Ascending resets a character back to level 15, but with higher stats than an unascended character of that level. It will take more experience to gain each level after ascending, and you will consume Esper Energy while Invigorating with your Esper.

All quests, except for those of the main storyline, will be removed from your quest log upon ascending.

Your character will be unable to equip any high-level gear or Esper they were using before, and must level up enough to use it again. If you have enough room in your stash, it is a good idea to hold on to any particularly good gear you used when leveling the first time around. Once you reach level 90, you will have access to special Ascension-only gear that has much better stats than normal gear of that level.

Pets will be completely unaffected by ascension, and will continue to treat you as if you were level 150. Your existing pets can still be summoned, will remain the same level they were before, and still have a level cap of 150 regardless of your Ascended level.

All Skill and Tome points will be wiped, and the character can choose a new faction. Humans can choose between Human factions only, and Athan can choose between Athan factions only.

Skill Points after Ascending:

* Ascended Level 15: 25 Skill Points
* Ascended Level 45: 55 Skill Points
* Ascended Level 90: 100 Skill Points
* Ascended Level 120: 130 Skill Points
* Ascended Level 135: 145 Skill Points
* Ascended Level 150: 175 Skill Points

(From Ascended Levels 135-150, you receive 2 Skill Points per Level)

Tome Points after Ascending:

* Ascended Level 15: 9 Tome Points
* Ascended Level 45: 15 Tome Points
* Ascended Level 90: 24 Tome Points
* Ascended Level 120: 34 Tome Points
* Ascended Level 135: 48 Tome Points
* Ascended Level 150: 64 Tome Points

Ascension Skills: After choosing their new faction, the character will have four Ascension skills the next time they log in. The skill's main effect is determined by what faction they chose after Ascending. Each of these skills has a minor effect that is determined by what faction they were before they Ascended.

Ascended characters have access to special benefits upon reaching level 90. At this point, they can choose an Affinity between the righteous Dagos, the wicked Felkin, and the peaceful Fuwa. Each Affinity has different Skills that can be gained using Affinity Points, both general skills that can be learned by everyone and faction-specific skills that are often upgrades for your existing faction skills.

Ascended characters also have access to Ascension-only battlegrounds and Affinity-specific zones to quest in. The Dagos will go to the Land of Immortals, the Felkin will go to the Fel Lands, and the Fuwa will go to the Purified Lands. Return to these zones by speaking to the Skylord in Jadeon (for Dagos), Wildlands (for Felkin), and Skysong (for Fuwa). Each of these zones has a number of helpful NPCs, including a Skylord who will allow you to return to any non-ascended zone.

Ascension Quest

In order to Ascend, the player must complete a quest chain that is started by Taisung the Tao, who is found at Crystal Hall in Jadeon (coordinates 141, 111).

WARNING: If you start any part of the ascension quest, you will no longer be able to take the Sleepless.

Taisung the Tao will tell you that you need to learn to face your fears. Obtaining a Nirvana Insignia will be proof that you have done so.

At this point, you can talk to the Elder of Arcaneness for the next quest. He is located on top of a tower in the southern part of Jadeon (coordinates 13 -439). You will need a skyblade to reach him.

The quest you will need is called "The Path to Nirvana". It consists of three trials, and two of these trials have options on how you can complete them:

First Trial: Facing Your Fears

* Option 1: Tonni has learned the secret to facing your fears from her grandfather, and she will tell you if you give her 50 Magic Lollipops. These Lollipops can be obtained from Tonni by trading her Tigeren Crystals from the Marketplace, or purchased from other players.
* Option 2: Defeat 49 Celestial Vanguards in Shura, and then talk to Taisung the Tao.
* Option 3: Pay 1000 Gold to Banker Etsuk in Sunstream City. This option will not always work, but he will not take your money if it fails.

Second Trial: Reforge the Spirit

* Option 1: Defeat 999 Monkey Phantasms in Jadeon.
* Option 2: Defeat 999 Deadpool Soulless in Doom Bog.
* Option 3: Defeat 999 Zaaras Disciples in Sunstream.
* Option 4: Refuse to kill anything. This sometimes succeeds and allows you to pass to the next step immediately, but if it fails, you will lose all progress and have to start over with the First Trial.

Third Trial: Defeat Skyscream. The Elder of Arcaneness will automatically teleport you to a location in Wildlands where you can face off against the creature that tried to kill you during your Tier 5 quest chain. If you die at any point before you turn in this quest, the quest will fail and you will need to start the Third Trial over again.

After killing Skyscream, you can turn in the Third Trial to the Elder of Arcaneness and he will give you the Nirvana Insignia. You can keep this item in your bag as long as you like until you are ready to ascend. When you are ready to ascend, simply turn in the Nirvana Insignia to Taisung the Tao.

Skipping the Ascension Quest:

If you are level 150 with 5 million honor (with any faction), you can get a Nirvana Insignia by talking to that faction's representative in Sunstream or the Divine Realm. (For example, if you have 5 million Modo honor, you can get a Nirvana Insignia from Chansel in Sunstream City.) This Nirvana Insignia will last 24 hours.

NOTE: Athan characters please speak to the NPC's which give you your Tier quests to do this.

It is also possible to get a 24-hour Nirvana Insignia from the Alliance Master if you have at least 200,000 Renown.

Either of these methods can be used to skip all three trials listed in the above section.

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