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Settings/things to improve income

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Settings/things to improve income Empty Settings/things to improve income

Post by Sethmor on Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:58 pm

Well since I come across this a lot and most do not know how to set things right.

First simple thing. Put hp and sp pots to 7 seconds. It is better you put % value a bit higher, on hp pots anyway. Reason being that you make full use of a pot in 7 seconds, using the whole pot makes use of the full gold value.

Never use higher than lvl 105 sp pots, reason being that price per sp is too high after that so you sink gold instead of gaining. Hp pots are different, they increase gradually and enough to improve your survival so use best ones for your level ;)

Get expertise pots as soon as you can. They will help you throughout the entire game, the higher the better and make sure to work on their cooldown too.

Past level 90 do not pick up imbue talismans except for windflying (lupin, rayan and arden), sharpness and shield talisman. Only pick up materials if you are an crafter, since the npcs are selling all material needed it is pointless to try and vend it. You need to do this cause you will not have enough bagspace without buying magewool.

Do treasure hunt and nura every day past 105, party is easy to find, realm hop or ask in ally/class.

Tottos trust, you can do this to get eera herbs and pet orbs. How to make money from it? Well buy 4 red mushrooms when you got 7 eera herbs, exchange it for kylin orb, net profit should be 30-45g depending on how many that wants it.

Alliance duty. Get enough renown to get 4x coins per day, they sell for 20-25g each. It is easier done in party and usually ally is doing at set times.

Refining newbie gear for prestige. This is pretty easy, grind and pick up refinery talismans, refine iron swords and hope you make or break a few +7. When you get enough prestige you can exchange for taichi pill pack, they sell for 150-200g (depends on how many there are on the market). To trade these you need to drag and drop in trade window.

Methaphysican quests. 30-150 can do this. It is more beneficial to make an alt though, since you get fortifying beads from 30-89 (10-20g each). Rest of the items you get from chests vary from 5g to 180g. It pays off to do though, on a week on bochu I made 9000+g, without stressing at all. You need to vend a lot so beware of that.

Elysium. 120+ preferably 135+ characters though since you need to kill 18 vanguards more or less solo, or at least hold aggro. You can open the Elysium Vessel or vend them straight for 90-105g, if you are lucky you should really open instead though but there is a risk of losing gold instead of gaining then.

Cave grinding for etheral gear. 135+, kunlun wonderland and moontop got fairly high drop rate of etheral gear. They go for 30-80g each. If you decide to go and grind in moontop, be ready to have high silence and stun resistance, you got a chance to get esper parts and tome acc parts for 135 esper there though.

There are more methods to gain/save gold, these should get you started at least Smile

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Settings/things to improve income Pbucket
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Settings/things to improve income Empty Re: Settings/things to improve income

Post by Conzi on Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:03 pm

Well done Seth, good guide and i am sure it will help people alot with their money troubles. thumbs up

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