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Guide:Star Tear Event!!

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Guide:Star Tear Event!! Empty Guide:Star Tear Event!!

Post by ChocoPie on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:50 pm

Since many chars in our Ally are ascending and I have practically nothing to do o.O
I thought of writing a guide on star tears event

Why to do This Quest?
Cause u can get TPP which can help u level faster and dragon muscles which are helpful at later levels for 135+ st gears Smile

Time : SATURDAY , 19.00-22.00 SERVER TIME(starts same time as that of viles!!)
Location : Affinity maps
Requirement :Ascended with affinity(90+) and A Skyblade .

How to do it?

You just fly around and pick up that look like star dust in sunstream but a bit shiny. They are in the air floating around instead lying on surfaces.
They have fixed spawn points so try to remember them.
I don't have the coordinates...and i just remember the spawn points in felkin map xD

Some star tears might be unreachable and are bugged!!

Rewards: Dragon Muscle - 5%
Arcane Bullion - 20%
Taichi Pill Pack - 30% (I know it doesn't feel like 30% >.<)
Merit Incense Bundle - 20%
Meditation Orb - 10%
Tiger Ice - 10%
Turtle Ice - 5%

Since spawn time is long,i recommend finding spot near 2 spawn and relogging to all realm.

In enemy map (example fuwa and dagos map if you are felkin) you can pick stars and kill combat souls while star's spawn is on cooldown

Combat Souls drops:
1-Affinity Bead!!
2-Dragon Muscle!!
3-Honor Gem!!
oh well
4-and crappy Eera Herbs

Different affinity's can kill each other,you dont loose items but u loose time for picking stars so i suggest not killing Ally members and friends Razz

If you are not staying in same realm and relogging for tears ,get a trigram or colored gem esper(lvl 1 esper for human or athan)

Why that?
when you relog,esper energy is on 0.You need it full so you can fly.
This is for energy save if ur relogging alot because lvl1 max energy of the esper is lesser so u waste less energy Smile

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