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Destined Nirvana Empty Destined Nirvana

Post by Neliel on Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:21 pm

Originaly made from Saikusus - obah - LiuYiFei - QuiYu

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion about these new mandatories, I figured I’d just stick all the parts together into one cohesive guide. The following quest is extremely LONG so beware.

Reward: 720 Taichi Pills and 99 Special Remedy Orbs



First, obtain the quest from Nura in Sunstream (some servers report that the quest starts at Tanis Ka). If you're at least level 105, he should have a mandatory quest for you. I also assume this is only for Humans, since the story wouldn’t make much sense for an Athan.

Next, go to Kunlun, and follow the quest description to the Mountain Lake. Go all the way to the south of the lake, and then turn right until you see a small boy [Mountain Lake (-100 -183)]. Stand near him and you'll get the quest popup. This might take a few tries, so keep on getting the popup until you get the Quest Completed message.

Next, go back to the left and enter the small tunnel out to the Mountain of Longing. If you run a little to the left here, you'll get another popup at [Mountain of Longing 110, -334]. Again, it might take a few tries so keep at it until you get the quest completion.

Follow the autoroute to Garridan, and keep on talking to her. At this point, you should receive 15 taichi pills.

Visit Tanis Ka. Talk to him some more.

Teleport to Southern Border. Have a chat with Lil Baba. You'll get 20 more Taichi pills.

You'll then get a choice of whether the first option is better or the second option is better. I picked the second. The quest requires you to kill a couple of low level monsters. Not a big deal, but watch out for the Fireglow Guards as opposed to the Fireglow Guardians. The guards will hit you with all sorts of nasty ailments, and if you’re not watching your health, the bleed will eventually kill you.

Additionally, I'd suggest going in with a teleport out ready because you get sent all the way into the cave, so it might take a while to just run out. After turning in your quest, you'll get 30 taichi pills.

Even if you’re not Tier 5, it’s still easy to visit Master Jadeon in Shura. Just teleport to Wildlands, and run north to the portal. Up that long winding staircase, and he should be standing just to the right. Theres no need to encounter any high level mobs in this case.

WARNING: Before you go to the Mountain Lake, pick up an Apprentice Saber from the Blacksmith. It’ll help save you a long trip later on.

Now go back to the Mountain Lake. As soon as you reach it, you should get a popup. A little further in, towards that massive ice structure, you should get another.

There was some confusion about this part being impossible until enough people have done the quest, but I managed to do it just fine. Your autorouting to the top of the tower won’t do you much good here, so just navigate (ASDW makes it easier) on the winding path up the tower. If you notice that huge dragon encased in ice, you can also use that as a path to reach the top. Talk to the Astral Lord, and you’ll receive 15 taichi pills.

To complete the next part of the quest and collect your Fantasy Heart, you’ll need to defeat a Soul of the Moon. Just run around the base of the tower until you find her. Depending on your level, she may actually be somewhat difficult, so bring a few pots.

When you return to the Astral Lord, he’ll give you 20 taichi pills and teleport you underneath the lake. Run straight toward that gigantic Yin Yang glowing thingy and you’ll be teleported to the Divine realm!


Now talk to Wana standing next to you, and you’ll get 99 pots and 10 taichi pills. From there, follow the autorouting to the Esper Mystic, who will tell you to kill some Dragon Sparrows. The autorouting might be a little weird, so just go to [Sand River -71 -60], and kill fifty of them. Some of them like to float in the air above you for some reason, but otherwise, this should be cake.

Report back to Physician Noi using your advanced autorouting skills. No reward, but now you get to go back to the exact place you just came from, and kill more Dragon Sparrows! Once you’re done repeating the same exact quest, visit Noi again. Again, no reward. (Other servers report that Noi tells you to collect 5 herbs. If this is the case, check the ground at [Green Hillock (86, -387)] to find them.)

Visit the Blacksmith, then the Skylord, then the Blacksmith again. Surprise! You’ll need an Apprentice Saber. I believe these can only be found in the Human realms, so if you didn’t get one earlier, you’ll have to mark a portal charm or go back through the portal in Kunlun after getting one from a Human town.

After talking to the Skylord, teleport to Scarlet city via Skylord to save yourself the walk. Everything’s all gray! Even you!

Anyway, talk to Nolly, and you’ll receive a whopping 75 Taichi pills! (I suspect this is the compensation for all the garbage you had to put up with from Physician Noi). And of course, you need to go kill more Dragon Sparrows. Apparently, these aren’t too popular among the Athans.

After talking to Nolly again you’ll get a quest to kill various mobs (finally a break from Dragon Sparrows). These ones are equally easy, so no worries here. Hand in the quest to Botan. After listening to his speech on violence, go see Zono. You’ll get 80 Taichi pills for this!

Don’t waste your time trying to kill more sparrows. Instead, just head over to [Scarlet City 104 44] where you’ll receive a series of popups. Now talk to Zono again.

After getting the letter, teleport back to Dragon Palace and talk to Zorio. Autoroute over to Jokka, then to Vedin, then back to Zorio. Talk some more with Guli the Senior (and get 40 Taichi pills!) and then talk with Lanxi.

As the quest says, keep killing Hardwing Bees to collect Greengage. Talk to Lanxi again, and then Guli the Senior. Again.

Now go kill some Blossom Witches. And then talk to Guli the Senior yet again. You’ll get 50 taichi pills. At this point you’ll have to talk to Lil Baba in Southern Border, so there’s no escaping the long trip back through the Mountain Lake, unless you have some. Portal charms handy.

Lil Baba gives you a Hairpin, so travel back to the Divine Realm in whatever way you can. To find Liyia, travel to [Green Hillcock -162 -435]. You’ll get 15 taichi pills as a reward. You’ll need to kill some more Blossom Witches in order to gather the Flower Essence necessary to complete the next part of the quest.

WARNING: During the five minute wait where Liyia is constructing the Spirit Essence, do NOT disturb her OR check your quest list. This will cause your game to crash.

**edit** The game no longer crashes during the wait period.
Then talk to Guli the Senior to get your last 40 Taichi Pills.


In order to acquire Chapter 3, talk to Konsa [Green Hillock (-25, -396)]. Now go chat it up with Guli the Senior. Next, to collect your Mystic Lotus, travel to [Sand River (6, -45)]. Now back to Guli for 15 taichi pills. Plot twist!

Autoroute to Liyia. Teleport outta there and go talk to Lil Baba in Southern Border.Go back to Guli for 10 taichi pills.

Use the Skylord to get to Scarlet City, and from there, walk to Yinoa. Now walk all the way across the map again to Zazu. Then to talk to Pokki. Teleport back to Guli for 10 more taichi pills.

The end of this very short chapter.


To acquire the quest, go to [Scarlet City (313, 73)]. Now go kill some Hardwing Bees, they’re all over the place. Just teleport over to Dragon Palace and kill some outside there. When you have your Petal Honey, talk to Lanxi for 20 taichi pills, then Guli again.

Teleport back to Scarlet City via Skylord and talk to Zazu and Leoin who is right beside him. Autoroute to the Haunting Wanderers and report back to Leoin and then to Pokki. Go talk to Yinoa again, and teleport to Dragon Palace. Finding Komi can be a little tricky. If you have a skyblade, use it. Go to [Dragon Palace (337, -314)] and fly straight up. If not, then go to those coordinates and run inside the building. Start climbing stairs, and when you get to the top, exit on the giant scary lady’s right side. Komi should be right outside. She gives you 35 taichi pills.

Teleport to Scarlet City again, talk to Leoin. Teleport to Dragon Palace and talk to Komi, followed by Guli. He gives you 10 taichi pills.

Now teleport to Scarlet City (yes, again!) and autoroute to the Goldeye Demons. Get your leathers. Afterwards, travel back to Guli for 30 last taichi pills.

To complete Chapter 5, you must be level 120 or higher.


Talk to Lanti at [Divine Realm (132, -322)] to get the quest. Go to Guli as instructed, and then teleport to the Ancient Lands. You will need 50g to do this, and the NPC is at the top of the Serpent thing in Kunlun where the Astral Lord was previously. From here, it really helps to have a skyblade. The following takes a lot of patience, but if you follow the guide, you hopefully won't die and have to pay 50g to go back again. As a rule of thumb, don't attack ANYTHING. Because if you do in Ancient Lands, it will attack back and you will die.

First talk to Qeidu, and get the quest to check out the Ancient Lands. Qeidu can be found a little bit north of Welkin Cottage. Follow the map below and you'll hit all the spots you need to. On the way there, you'll run into mobs called Torturers and Dragon Guards and the Skycity General who will kill you with ease. At certain choke points, you'll want to wait until they run by then make a dash for it using any speed buffs you have. If you see more coming, just retreat and let them pass. Your minimap helps alot. The blue dots are the things that want to kill you, since they appear as NPC's not monsters. Oh, and the red/pink/whatever titled mobs don't aggro you, but you really don't want to upset them anyway.

After visiting Sparkle Palace, you'll get a popup to go speak to Miubo, who is located in Sunlight Palace. You'll receive a quest to collect a dusty lambskin scroll. Go to Shenwu Pool and run across the bridge. You should have the scroll in your bag. From there, run to where you got the Sacan Castle popup and JUMP. Run or fly back to Qeidu.

Now you get to do it all over again and go talk to Miubo! No, portal charms don't work. Just follow the same method as before.When you’re done here, go back to Qeidu. He’ll give you 100 taichis for your work 

Run over to Jadeon and talk to Enu. Then autoroute to Baako at the Bamboo clearing. Mmm, fish pate. Now across the map to Baye. And across the map again to Amandla. Now to to Divine Realm and autoroute to Lakui. He'll send you to kill some Haunting Wanderers, so go and do that. Talk to the NPC Quliu and Leoin and you're done. 80 more taichis.


  1.Take the badge given when you completed chapter 5 quests and visit Scarlet City Lowi(271,43)
  2.Visit Lakui (106,96) (Reward 5 taichi pills)
  3. Visit Leoin(471,118) (Reward 5 taichi pills)
  4. Visit Guli the Senior and kill 50 Dragon Sparrow (Reward 99 Perfect Spirit Potion)
  5. Visit chief Hunei(-2,-10)
  6. Go to Shenwu Pool (-51,669)
  7. Kill designated lizards and get one Wenta's Last Letter and visit Hunei (-2,-10)
  8. Visit Enu in Jadeon (Reward 85 taichi pills)
  9. Visit Li Su in Incense Valley (-234 254) and kill 100 Redtail Wanderer
  10. Visit Enu and Issa in Jadeon
  11. Go to celestial city and visit Xusyn (325 -748)。
  12. Kill 30 designated lizards and report to Xusyn (325,-748) and get 100 taichi pills and Lun Badge. A new npc Gorri appears in Sunstream.

Chapter 7:

Our story, start the quest in Divine realm from the NPC Luwu 125, 80 in Scarlet City.
The quest tells you to go into the Royal City and check whatever has happend with Fuxi's Statue.
So on we go in the Celestial City at the Shenwu Pool between the platforms on the bridge with
the coordinates 16, 665 where u will get a popup saying that Fuxi's Statue is badly damaged.

You can imagine my shock when i saw that pretty statue ruined but couldn't do anyting about it
now ,all there was left to do is go further on with the quest which said "Speak with Yuer in the Royal City"
That's it! our next destination is NPC Yuer at the coords -121, 92. which is located in the middle of
the map to the West side of the biiig Bridge.
Once you are here he will tell you to speak with Fonik in the Royal City.Allright ...Don't Panic!
That NPC is very close to you now, just a skyblade burst to the Boat beneath that big old bridge ur near.
The right coords are 0, -4 so what we got to do now is rush over there but be warned ..stay on
your skyblade because if you fall mobs will be near there and yes they got aggro which means they will
try to kill you if you get in they're range.
Ok now is the time to panic O_O , Fonik is mad as hell on humans for attacking the Royal City and killing his brotherfor Christ Sake he wants Vengence!
Although the guy will give you 50 Taichi pills for your great effort so the cause is not lost
He also says that you should now go in the Divine Realm and speak with the NPC Botan and investigate
about inter-species relations ...the next move is set now (moves knight to D4* hehe just jkin)
All u have to do to exit the Royal City without loosing puppets if u got any just use ur teleport skill
or one of those special teleport charms to play a little super-man/girl and fly back to kunlun on the dragon's head near the Astral Lord where u can easely enter the Samsara Pool and go to Divine Realm fast and easy.

Now ..Botan is located in Scarlet City at the coords: 324, 172 so it shuld be close by for u to find.
He will now say some wierd stuff about attacking Jadeon,hes meanie but he also tells you
to go and speak with Qului in Scarlet City at the coords: 455, 118.
Now this guy here ..hes a strange one but anyway ...he sends u way back into the human world
in Incense Valley map to find and talk with NPC Li Su which is up the stairs as soon as u enter the map
just keep on climbing em, the coords are -232, 25.
The next step is in Sunstream map now ,you have to talk to the NPC Meri Koon at the coords 99, 139
who then sends you to the NPC Jin Parto at the coords :186, 54 who furthermore sends u to talk to
Tonni and ..we all know where Toni is so no need for coords since is 1 of the first NPC's we see when we start the game.
Tonni says something has happened and you should go see Lil Baba so weeeeeeeee ^_^ we now go to Southern Borther map at the coords: 81, 45 into that small inn there.
Shes a very meanie person coz she will send you back to Divine realm and therefore is a pain for Humans to travel half of Kunlun map to get to the pool and teleport there (vote for divine realm link in the skylord destination lists*_*)but anyways ,we now gots to go back in the Divine Realm and speak with Lakui.
U remember him right? the NPC from the last chapter . Well if u dont here's the coords: Scarlet City 105, 99
and things will become more clearer now ,you will be sent to talk to Guli the Senior at 258, -446 in the town.
Hooooray ,:X u just got 50 Taichi pills (OMG makes me drool).The old guy implyes that u should go again to human world and talk to Enu in Jadeon map coords: 125, 227.
Bahh Anan is in trouble again ...ofc she's in trouble! she's been playing with the Sword of Regenesis trying to make some Arrays ...but the sword is too powerfull! i told her many times and she wouldn't listen at all X_X

So what to do ??? Quick head to Baako in Bamboo Clearing 356, -404.and ?? nothing interesting ...u have to back to Enu again who will give you 20 taichi pills for your efforts, mmmmm Taichissss.
He also mentions Anan is wounded and weak and that ..OMG now comes the long awaited moment ..
You have to help Anan xD, remember when u first met Anan how she talk to you?
Was smthing like "Go away naab or ima slap you" but nah the tables have turn and you have to help her xD by killing 100 Blade Slavesand 100 Swiftedge Spirites so head to Mount Yonder and start hack'n slice show on the poor mobs to collect evil fumes from them.
After killing those mobs return back to Enu for your Reward which is 80 Taichi pills
Weeee are done now ladies and gents Chapter 7 is now finito ^_^
The last thing Enu gets to say is that there is a new NPC in Sunstream that gives the new daily quest for Taichis ,hes name is Jisan and hes right about near the Roaming Fisherman in Sunstream City so whaddaya waiting for peeps ..lets go get those Taichiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis 0_0

Btw u need to be atleast lvl 105 to get this new daily from the NPC in Sunstream.
Thanks for reading O_O and i hope it helps ,if you want i can post pics too i just didnt wanna start posting like 20 screenshots here and instead just give u the mumbo-jumbo sweet talk.^_^

EP8 Start:
1. Divine Realm - Sitiu OR Stifu (spelling?) (202, 159) *Thanks Lucifer* (Quest: N/A)

2. Talk to Enu. (5 Taichi Pills)
3. Sends you to Issa. (N/A - Secrets)
4. Go to Baako & sends to KL...

5. Kill 30 Icespike Golem around Mountain Lake then...

6. Report to Issa. (50 Taichi Pills)
7. Go back to Baako. (N/A - Pass on the skill)
8. Again to Enu.
9. Ask Baye & completes the Chapter. (30 Taichi Pills)

NOTE: No badge this time.

Taichi Pills: 85

Senyu's the daily quest.

*The dailie quest has changed what i think not sure. I havent found it thou o.0*

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