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Vim Pre-asc Build

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Vim Pre-asc Build Empty Vim Pre-asc Build

Post by Kentrill on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:45 pm

Like name says - Vim Pre-asc build..
You use Spirit Flag Esper from lvl 75 to whenever you want or you get a good 135 esper. Skill costs 131sp and skill hits 2 times. It`s arguably the best esper for a vim

Now to explain some of the tomes-

Expel - you get it to 2/2 ASAP ,combined with Sp.Flag it`ll boost your kills by a lot
it adds 20% of your AP to esper skill ,so with Sp.Flag it adds 40% per skill use.

Destiniy`s kiss is left at 0 pts because pre-asc you won`t have that much crit rate and will rarely crit.

Focused Hate is 1/2 because pre-asc Fel Path is a FAR better option.

Nihility is 2/3 because since you don`t need points for faction affinity skills you can get Counter Tide ,which is a better slowing down skill than Splitting Strike

Skill :
Initiate - nothing to say
Tier1 :
Counter tide - used for slowing opponents that try to run from you if Perpetual Loneliness is on cd
Frozen Irony - A VERY fun skill to have for KS-ing cursed ,bosses and so on.

Tier 2
Demonfire - Combine while using Raja or Infatuation to kill faster and skip the defence reduction
Desecrate - AoE KS skill - for moving ppl from grind spots and having fun Razz

Tier 3
Infatuation - Defensive PVP skill
Cherub`s Dance - Can be spammed for better dmg ,and essentially best dps multi-hitter until Mohuh

Tier 4
Splitting Strike - used to slow down opponents who have escaped you
Gather Spirit - One-shotter skill
Perp. Loneliness - main skill in wars - AoE para + AoE bleed that is very powerfull pre-asc -3x8,4k
Raja - Best defensive skill that a vim has

Tier 5
Mohun - BEST pvp and pve skill that a Vim has
Cl.Rebuttal - tomed it gives 19 sec of Stun and Sleep immunity + 20sec of 50% dmg reflection - too many uses to be named all Razz
Nameless Tech - A fairly decent skill for battling bosses and such because of the dmg reduction chance but that`s about it , Mohun is better all-around
Dawn`s End - Other than for Ally duty quest it`s basically USELESS

If you have questions - ask

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